The Importance of Tracking Subjective Feedback, Feature Request

Read this recent article and thought something similar would be a nice addition at TR. Something simple to track how a rider felt during specific workouts, etc. Maybe @Nate_Pearson or @chad already has something similar in the works?

“How did it go? The Importance of Tracking Subjective Feedback”

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I like that idea. It would be interesting if TR could implement that holistically rather that as a simple ride tracking function. A couple of daily questions relating to wellness, life stress, sleep duration/quality, etc as well as a post work out “how did it go” question, and maybe a next day “how did you recover” question could be synthesized into a metric that help set training load, and lead riders towards off bike behaviors that would make you faster.

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Even just an option to pick :grinning:, :neutral_face:, or :frowning_face: would be nice.

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Thanks so much for the suggestion! This type of tracking a deeper level of info is something that we are very interested in :slight_smile:

I can’t really say much about this right now, but subjective feedback tracking is something we have our sights on for the future.