The End is Nigh!

Dear TR forum,

This afternoon I received notification of one of the Signs of the Apocalypse.
I apologize profusely for it seems as though I was responsible for unleashing the nightmare.

God speed to you all. :pray:

p.s. – it’s also a sign that I’ve extremely misspent an entire year! :tired_face:


Well earned! Congrats :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha. I am possibly close to that and surprised @mcneese.chad is not.

Edit saw Chad on the screen shot after. Ha


Well deserved.

I see an opportunity to trade likes to get status. A bit like this :rofl:


my hero…

I watched that one. Creepy. Except for the cathartic four-letter wordfest at the end.

Re: the tech side of things…fairly certain there is a line error in the ‘Badges / Admired’ algorithm.
Yeah, pretty sure my status is proof of that. :clown_face:

Carry on.

Want me to autograph that for you?

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Name and shame.
Who did it? Who liked the post in question?

I, for one, welcome the doughnut apocalypse.


You’re gonna send out donut to all your supporters right… righhhhht?

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I’m first in line :stuck_out_tongue:

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I donut know at the moment. I’ll have to investigate the COVID w/kg’s…you’ll either get a box of doughnuts or a case of Slim Fast. :grin:

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Geez, this self-isolation stuff is really getting to you, huh?! I’m no Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but I’ll do what I can. :+1:

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You were admired the minute you selected Captain Doughnutman as your moniker. You should ride with a Cape.


So when you get 5 likes on 1,000 posts, what’s the badge? Adored? Revered? Exalted?

Unemployed? :man_shrugging:


All badges currently available:

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