The effect of stress on the body

Anyone wondering how stress affects the body should see my weight chart. Had a bad weekend with health of the family dog that really has me bummed out. Trained Saturday and have eaten normally all weekend but been pretty upset since Friday and I had to weigh myself twice this morning as I didn’t believe the scales first time round. I’m travelling tomorrow so was going to pull tomorrow’s workout forward a day but seriously reconsidering that now I have this evidence.
Just goes to show how useful just gathering data can be - I’ve not been weighing myself to loose weight but just to have the data available in the event of something just like this that could stop me putting in a bad training session.

Sorry about your dog :frowning:
I have a cat & it was so stressful when I had to take her to the emergency animal hospital recently when she was having trouble breathing.

Hope things work out.

Thank you!