The dark side of cycling and TrainerRoad that nobody wants to talk about

I sort of giggle when i think about it… how much of the groceries go into my stomach vs how much goes to my wife and kids…

$50AUD for little old me here. (Pretty similar when I was living in Canada from memory.)
I’m a uni student and pretty familiar with the grocery budget shopping list/spreadsheet though. Watching people buy produce out of season seems like some alien-level luxury nowadays :laughing:


$500/mo on groceries (was $400 for a long time until the recent inflation woes) + $30 for gels.

(I only started using the gels recently just to experiment with their efficacy, so haven’t yet got around to trying cheaper homemade versions.)

same in the SEA.

I love the, “just eat jelly beans” approach to bike fueling. :joy:

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Things that work. Things that are cheap.

My favourite things.


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Sour patch kids. Can get a huge bag for 5 bucks. 30 grams of carbs for 12 of them. Sour makes them more pallatable.

I like Haribo - but find it difficult to chew the gummy bears as easily as sour patch kids.


Not really that much, actually. I’m 50 and the chemistry seems to have changed from when I was younger. I don’t eat garbage at all and kicking up the work doesn’t change my consumption all that much.

BTW, interesting enough topic without the clickbait. Don’t clickbait. Ever. Using clickbait and apologizing is like punching someone in the face and then apologizing. The time doesn’t come back and it’s really a direct lie to thousands of people.

Yes!!! That’s my go to.

How much are you not spending at the drug store? That’s the upside! Thank you for not contributing to our tax burden :slight_smile:

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My weekly foodcost for 1 person is around €160.

I spend ±120£ / week(gels, protein… included).
I am thinking of buying maltodextrin and whey protein and just making my energy drink or protein shake when needed.