The "citation" thread

Let’s see if this one catches on…or if I am just a giant nerd!


  • You can post a study without an opinion
  • You can post a piece of advice if you have a study that supports it
  • You can post a rebuttal if you have a study that conflicts it

I’ll start with an interesting one that was covered on the podcast in the past, which I personally interpret to support pre-riding a course whenever possible.

“Increased familiarity of the exercise bout and certainty about its endpoint are associated with a more aggressive RPE strategy that produces a superior exercise performance.”


You’re not a giant nerd, but I do think that the creation of rules to your thread will hinder what I think your intended outcome will be. Perhaps I’m wrong but you’re hoping for a thread that has fruitful and intelligent discussion about evidence based training studies and possibly even extending this pool of research knowledge to applications in training. I think that would be awesome. Just let people post and reply and post and reply and see where it goes?

But…rules*. :man_facepalming:t3:

*Apologies, I have no studies to support my opinion.


Sorry to go off topic but in order to decide if a study is worth taking notice of, or indeed saying what it appears to be saying, you need to able to critically appraise the study. If you can’t do that it’s meaningless.

Well, if this thread dies, it dies. Mostly just wanted a thread where people posted interesting studies that related to training.

Not all my ideas work out and this one looks to be headed for the bin :slight_smile:

Not at all headed for the bin!! Folk reading it should just be aware that you need to exercise a little discretion in decided what is presented as a study shows what it suggests.