The Aerodynamic Revolution in Cycling (Jean-Paul Ballard) - Google Talks Video

In case everyone hasn’t already found this video. (And busting those who did and chose not to share it!)

Jean-Paul Ballard: “The Aerodynamic Revolution in Cycling” (Youtube - Jul 10, 2019)

Clearly a room of serious geeks. (Just my kind of place.)

"Jean-Paul Ballard heads up Swiss Side, bringing the team together to revolutionize the cycling industry with the most aerodynamic and innovative products, developed with over 50 years of Formula 1 racing experience.

In this talk, tightly packed with actionable information, Jean-Paul unveil the aerodynamic secrets of “free speed” engineered in collaboration with professional, top level triathletes and World Tour cycling teams."

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Interesting to learn the importance of selecting the right tire tread for your front wheel.