The 24 Hours in The Old Pueblo Thread

I agree with you.
Every time you quit a race it gets easier next time.

I respect @Nate_Pearson even more for wanting to continue.


I raced it, I only saw Pete 2 times and hollerd at him. Curious what your recovery window is post this event.

Yes, this is it.

Road = Clif Bar kit
Dirt = Pete’s Choice


Respectfully disagree. Riding more for one day is going to have ZERO detrimental impact 2-3 months from now.


Unless you go over the bars.


If you get sick and it takes you out for a week or two, that can be multiple weeks worth of gains erased.


Not to mention the added risk of a wreck or other injury due to fatigue.
There was little if anything to gain, and more risk on a loss by continuing in a C-Race.

Live to fight another day… rings true in some cases and I think so in this one.

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Just seems like a soft decision to me after the guys have hyped their participation in the event for months… confirms that I am #teamNate I guess.

And I’m not buying the fatigue and risk of wreck argument. There were solo riders that beat the TR team.


Good call, those wood fired pizzas were so good! Must’ve had a great swanny to pick it up for him


Great call - our team doubled up on night laps and it definitely helps for recovery. Otherwise even with a 4 person team you’ve only got about an hour to ‘relax’ after factoring in warm-up/cool-down/pizza :wink:


Nate was talking very highly of his Thermal Skin Suit, which I’m assuming is the TR Jackroo suit. Anyone have a recommendation for an alternative that’s not $200? Or does that one sit right at the sweet spot for quality/price?


I look at this and think, I could have stayed home, trained 3h everyday over this long weekend and hung out with my family each afternoon…I would be fitter and more popular at home!

I know it helps generate content so that has to be taken into account but otherwise that was an awful lot of hassle, expense, lost traing time to then not actually finish the race- no C level event is worth that…


Or if it throws off your training schedule because you need to recover. Sometimes steady progress means you can’t be going too deep in to the well.

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I think you’re focusing primarily on the outcome of the race and only that. You’re discounting things like spending a long weekend with friends, doing something new, going to a cool ‘cultural event’, and the prep for a 24 hour race. If you want to look at it in a vacuum of ‘did this race make me faster’, then yea, probably not, and they spent a lot of time and money for not much gain, but I don’t believe that was their primary goal for attending this particular race.


Agreed. This was about the planning, experience and dealing with the unexpected (which happens in any race, but increases exponentially when you add this much time and multiple riders).

It was about learning what it takes as much as any outcome goal. And I think it succeeded in that sense. They hit some of the things I have had in my 24 hour events, but some new stuff too. I can learn from their mistakes and possibly avoid them in my next experience.

That’s one of the most valuable aspects of the podcast, the learnings on offer, that we can all take and hopefully use to our advantage.

There’s some saying along the lines of:
Learning from your own mistakes is golden, learning from others mistakes is priceless (platinum?).

The sharing of their mistakes is far more valuable to me. I think in life, we tend to learn more from our failures than our successes. Despite the outcome, I think this race was totally worthwhile.


Plus, it sounds like they had fun.
Maybe they could have buried themselves, dragged Jonathan out of bed for his ride and just generally smashed it round in the dark, cold and miserable, and finished in the top 15. For what? They would have hated it, and each other, and that’s if they didn’t hurt themselves crashing in the dark. Ultimately, they were never going to win - this event was about attempting something new and having fun - sounds like it’s mission accomplished.


I am not a mountain biker at all, but I really loved this one. Great to see the planning and execution side in this much depth. Even if I’ll probably never do a 24 hour race, my friends and I are planning a big weekend of 200+km days back to back, so it’s helpful to see how the team handled logistics of big events like this.

Also some good principles on evaluating goals and knowing when to pull the plug for future success.

Keep up the great work.

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Can tell how disappointed Nate is :confused:

Not really our place to say what they should or shouldn’t have done, but brings out the importance about being clear with others about your personal/team goals and “what if” scenarios so that everyone is on board.
Communication is so key.


… based on?

Him saying it clearly in the podcast, for starters.