The 2021 sick house - between frustration and Paranoia | including poll

I figured I would revive the “who is in the sick house” topic from 2018.

I am now sick the second time in last four weeks. The first time as an aftermath of an Italy holiday and now again as the aftermath of a family vacation in the alps. It’s frustrating and in times of Corona also scary.

How do you deal with getting sick in times of Corona? Do you do the usual? Do you get tested?

Curious to learn how others hang in there. The votes are anonymous.

  • Sick, not training
  • Not sick yet
  • Sick, but training
  • Soon to be sick

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  • Got, tested
  • Will get myself tested
  • Haven’t decided yet
  • Nah, not planning on testing

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@JoeX Hope you don’t mind me hijacking your initial post. :wink:

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I was Violently ill at the beginning of the year, and My Dr believes it was covid and I am now living with what she calls Long Covid.
I have an ongoing bad chest and am sometimes weazy like a 40/day smoker.
I’ve been for Xrays, ECGs, and blood test to rule out any other nasties.
I’ve had to change my training drastically to allow me to continue to exercise (which my Doc recommends)
Not nice :frowning:

Interested to see what other people do when getting ill in these times.

I guess it depends from country to country, personally I shouldn’t go to work if I have any Covid like symptoms (even just cough or a mild cold) and I should contact my general practitioner who will decide if I have to get tested or not.

Anyway, I was very sick in December last year due to a viral pneumonia, which in hindsight was probably Covid, but luckily after a month I was recovered enough to start riding again and I haven’t been sick since then. Hoping to continue like that, otherwise I’ll report here.

Got vaccinated shingles and flu, and boosters for tetanus. Fever for 2 days so far and body muscles and joints hurt like hell.

Just sent C19 test off this morning - I’m fine but my wife is suffering.

Have you had or can you get an antibody test? That should confirm whether it was covid which at least should give you some peace of mind about the chances of catching it,

I know a couple of people (one cyclist, one triathlete) in a similar position to you, had covid (they both had tests at the time) and still suffering with ongoing fatigue, heart palpitations, lung function, etc 6 months later. Sucks, hope you get better soon

Thanks, mate.

At least I have now discovered MAF, Which has allowed me to continue training - as I just cant push myself on the run any more

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I hope you start to feel better soon.

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I had Covid mid-September, confirmed by swab test. My symptoms were very mild, and resolved within a week. I had blood tests and an ECG to confirm I was fine to train, and was given the all clear 10 days after symptom onset. Other than very limited senses of taste and smell, I have no lingering symptoms, and am training well.

In that respect, I’m not too worried; I believe science suggests I am unlikely to catch it again, at least in the near future.

My concern is the human and economic costs of the virus. Will an elderly relative catch it? Is my job secure? Those are my worries; from a health perspective, I am (touch wood) not personally worried by Covid.

Edit: to clarify, I’m not suggesting no-one should be worried by Covid, nor that it will be mild for everyone. The post above is purely about my own situation.