That's how we do this in Ukraine

Bucharest is a very interesting place, when I was there last (12 years ago?) I felt I was experiencing Italy and Eastern Europe in equal measure.

Perhaps you don’t want to say, and I understand if you don’t want to, but what does your day look like? Do you still work? Are you helping out e. g. in hospitals or in other ways? I’m just curious. I have a few colleagues from Ukraine, but most of them have lived abroad since before the (second) invasion.

Oh, that’s not a secret. Yes, I still work.

My work consists of two parts. One of them is pretty flexible, I can do it at any time of the day, then share results to my team. Another one is related to strong collaboration between multiple parties. And here I experience certain difficulties due to power outages sometimes. I have to handover my part of work to my colleagues fast and smoothly in case of long-lasting power-offs.

Actually, total blackouts are rare, mainly we have scheduled power-offs for about 4 hours for certain locations. So I can walk with my laptop between restaurants in different locations. Another option is coworking spaces with power generators and more reliable network connectivity. By the way, connectivity is more important issue for work than lack of power (laptop works from battery for 4-5 hours): I don’t need extremely fast connection, LTE from mobile is enough in regular circumstances. Although, even coverage and capacity of mobile networks degrade quickly in case of large scale power outages and the most part of internet providers meet some difficulties too.