Thanks TR Team - IM70.3 2020 WC Qualification

This weekend I achieved something really cool. I, not only, took a slot for IM703 2020 Worlds but also made it to the podium at 5th place on IM Waco 703 35-39 AG missing the 4th place by 20 seconds.

I mean, we all spend tons of time training and lost on our own thoughts. To say that i never imagined i could get a slot for 70.3 worlds is a lie but i was sure that, if that ever happened, it would be on a very, very, very lucky roll down. Now, getting a slot while making the podium? That’s mind blowing.

I’m self coached. I follow the triathlon plans to the letter(bike only) doing most of my stuff indoors for a few years now and i’m 100% sure that the plans laid out by coach Chad and the ecosystem created(plans, calendar, forum, podcast) coupled with persistence and commitment with training helped me get there.

Thanks TR team. Thank you very much. That’s all i can say. I’ll be proud to carry this sticker with me to NZ next year.


Hell of a job, congrats!

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Congratulations! Would like to see your progression/training getting ready for Worlds!

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That is a tough AG…well done.

Went to 70.3 Worlds in 2017 after nabbing my slot at Racine 2016…a great experience. Was strongly considering trying to nab a slot for World’s next year because of location and timing, but family stuff is making it unlikely.

Enjoy every minute!

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Congratulations. Well Done!

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