Thanks to the guys at TrainerRoad

Well today I just won my first prize money for a TT… A very hilly 40 mile TT with 5000 ft of climbing held in the North East of England… I know I am not going to pack work in and become a pro rider but the thrill I had was so overwhelming and so chuffed with myself… im just an average 45 yr lad… 5 years ago I did no exersise at all… couldn’t have done it without you guys at TR… many thanks… one happy customer.Preformatted text


Well done and congrats :clap:t6::clap:t6::clap:t6:

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Congrats!! :trophy::moneybag:

Perhaps a new ‘Couch to Cash’ training plan on the way? :wink:



Great job!!! Way to go!!! :smiley: