Targeting an FTP boost to…300W

50W is a lot, but that’s probably because your FTP is not your 1 Hour Power. Some people can only hold FTP for 40 minutes or so (Maybe less?)

My journey so far, I’m 46 now, started structured training just over 2 years ago at 44, I’m approaching +100W and still going up so far (Fingers crossed for a Kolie Moore test next week). For any of you wondering if you can continue improving into your 40’s, that’s my answer. There are guys older than me here too who would crush me head to head.

AI FTP continues to be pretty much dead on for me too when comparing to WKO / Extended Kolie Moore Tests. So, that depends on the person.

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It is when you train it! I usually start the season not able to do it and it creeps up to the point where I can hold it for 1 hour - 1 hour and change

In any case, ramp test favors people with good 1 minute - 5 minute type power A LOT. Seems like AI FTP thing also looks at a lot of those 5 minute - 8 minute best powers.

I always test 1 hour to see where my fitness is at. Then VO2 max / 1 minute specific training towards peak to get everything up at a good level.

I think we agree, to be clear I’m putting this out there not for you but in case someone else reads a comment.

FTP might be your 40,50, 60, 70, or 80 minute power, or anywhere in between those numbers. It’s MLSS not based on a time period. So it “Could be” your 1 hour power but it’s important to know that it absolutely is not how it’s defined. The other part is if you increase your FTP after a bump, it almost certainly isn’t going to be 60+ min as you have to build TTE back up to get it back up to that range.

I have done a grand total of two ramp tests back in 2022, haven’t done one since. No need. I agree the best test is a long form test, but it doesn’t need to be an hour by any means. In addition to long form FTP, I’ll also do Sprint, 30s, 60s, 2 min, 5 min, 8min, 10 min, 20 min tests at different points of the year to test my power curve.

With all that data and all those different durations, AIFTP has never been more than 2% out for me. But, I’ve been absolutely boringly consistent when it comes to my training and do a lot on the trainer.


Really the target should be, you’d like to hold a wattage for a duration. Thus you might say your target is 300W average over 45 mins


Here’s another good option for people that isn’t as stressful, and is actually a good threshold workout.

If you want to test a new FTP, go do 2x20 @ what you think your “FTP” is with 5 minutes rest in between. If that’s right at my FTP, or just under it the last 5 minutes of my second interval are a solid hard, have to focus, but heart rate has pretty much stabilized (or creeping up slowly) right around 90-91%, and I’m not all out, soul crushing, heart rate blowing up hard. It doesn’t work as well at your existing FTP if you’ve been training TTE and pushing out how long you can hold it, but I’ve had good luck when it’s a new bump.

Go too high once, start to get familiar with your HR and what threshold feels like, you can just tell without killing yourself. Conversely if it’s a little easy, try bumping your FTP the next time or in the second interval. Then, once you dial in FTP, do a threshold progression to extend TTE.

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Yes, AI very accurate for me.

FTP is not 1 hr power as you say, although it tends to correlate well for me as an Olympic triathlete (distance, not quality) where a 40km bike is just over an hour for me.

I’m a bit unsure of my progress at the moment, still training but less and less indoors. Concerned how I’m going to train triathlon which is a lot of sweet spot and threshold which is the opposite of my commute pattern. I might continue with bike plans that have sprint and short vo2 intervals I can do outside. Hoping to start semi regular weekend long rides for the first time ever…it will be weird to finally be like most cyclists and TR users.