Target previous outdoor activities for Plan Builder

Hi, I’ve just recently joined TR and excited to try the new adaptive training. I was wondering if there is a way to provide the software with one or several previous outdoor activities in order to establish what type of ride(s) you wish to train for. Basically as an alternative to picking from one of the fixed types of specialties.

I’m a senior software developer with a fair deal of experience programming my own workouts using many of the concepts from TR (Normalized power, TSS, IF, etc), and to me this seems like a feature which could slot right in with the existing software.

I guess this is a feature suggestion but I’m also interested in opinions on how I can achieve the same goal without that specific feature in the software. Figured it was worth asking before getting started on my training plan.

No, there is no way that TR researches or queries prior activities for selecting future training plans.

You just need to select a target A event, or desired focus if you have no events, and TR will handle the creation in Plan Builder.

I added the “feature request” tag so it is properly sorted for TR to track.