Tacx Neo Smart Bike (dedicated bike)

For those with the bike, is it easy enough to clip on aerobars? Looking at the images I can find online, it looks like it should be - although of course it will need to be set quite wide to clear the centre console.


No problem with clip on bars fitting on the handlebars. However the display is really in the way and makes the bars quite far apart. Not that it matters for aero reasons . However, I wanted to have the same position as on my actual bike and that didn’t work.


One comment- I don’t think that it is just the width that matters but also where in the pedal stroke it occurs. I had a big problem with the Neo Bike and the down tube. This happened when my legs were at the bottom of the pedal stroke and almost straight. When my legs are nearer to the top of the stroke they have several cm more spacing and I don’t think that the Kickr Bike would be a problem. Again, try before you buy (which I didn’t do) and with the bike in your preferred setup.

Added link to GPLama’s Part 1 video in the OP and here for easy access.

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Added link to GPLama’s Part 2 video in the OP and here for easy access.



Got mine on Wednesday, but will be out of town until next Friday. I managed to get in a session of Dicks -2.

My initial thoughts - I’m very happy. My thighs do touch, but you have to actively pay attention to it for it to be annoying, and I’m pretty sure I can change how the saddle clamps to fix it. The bike itself is super smooth and amazingly quiet. TR instantly recognized it as a Neo Smart Bike. The fans are weak but very much usable for my face while a more powerful Clevr blaster keeps my body cool. Lastly, the tablet holder is generous and is the first tablet mount I’ve seen that can stably support my Google Pixel Slate (a 12’’ tablet).

I’ll post something more organized with maybe a few pics on some improvements I have in mind. I’m very happy and it is exactly what I was expecting. Any of the negative things I was worried about are non-issues (the handlebar is super stable, the thigh touching non-issue, cheap plastic looking fan and mounts are not as cheap looking in real life, etc). My one gripe is the cabling is a little sloppy, but nothing a strategic zip tie won’t fix.


I did a ~4 hour indoor ride on the Neo Bike yesterday and I’ve gotta say it was pretty nice. I’m still waiting on the firmware fix for Erg mode from Tacx, but after getting my position dialed in and finding a good saddle that works for both me and my SO, the bike is fulfilling what I wanted out of it.

Rotating the handlebars up a bit and really getting millimeter perfect on the setback made a huge difference in the comfort.

Takes less than 15 seconds to swap between my position and my SO’s. She’s been really enjoying it as well.


And where is Part III ?

I have to assume there is something wrong with the bike and he’s waiting on a replacement or somesuch.

I think its a cop out tho not to post something in the meantime and describe the issue/cause of the delay

I realize you are probably not asking me specifically (since I just shared Shane’s videos), but he may well just be busy… looking at all the vids he’s posted since Part 2.

  • Rule #1: Better to ask than assume. Directing a message to Shane via any of his channels (or even here) would be better than speculation and guessing.

  • Based on very recent comments from Shane (within the last 2 days) he has a very high opinion of the Neo bike… which is in stark contrast to his still hesitant stance on the Neo 2T, (and this review is also not “done” since they haven’t fixed the issues he has identified).

  • Comments like this confuse / baffle / bother me. He is doing a service for no fee or cost to you. He is quite obviously busy (as shown above) and working to do whatever is on his priority list.

  • Not to mention being a new dad right now and all that it brings along.

  • He is under no obligation in any way, shape or form here. He has provided more for all of us than any other member of this forum could hope to offer (excepting Ray and Tariq if he keeps at it :wink: )

  • I just don’t get why people have to put a negative spin on something with no other info than a timeline that doesn’t meet their preference.

  • As with all good things in life, (and the damn bikes in the first place)… the review will be done when it’s done.

  • Bottom line: my best guess is that he is just plain busy.

Sorry for the minor rant, but we have no right to effectively place demands on these great content suppliers.


It looks like Shane has a bunch of things in the queue to review and is doing a larger comparison video later on.

And as Chad mentioned, he’s posted in a few different places about the Neo Bike power accuracy and other bits. He is probably on the clock for a lot of other brands to get content out ahead of the winter training season in the northern hemisphere.

At this point, the only thing I’m really waiting on from Tacx is the fix for Erg mode wobble, otherwise I’m really happy with mine.

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Yeah, you’re quite right, I didn’t mean to sound so unappreciative/ungrateful.

I do apologize for that.


Just got a Tacx Bike delivered & set up today :partying_face:

Thank you for the honest opinions @stevemz and everyone else in this thread. Still decided to stick with the preorder (also thanks to no alternative - neither the Wattbike nor the Kickr will be available in this part of the world anytime soon).

So, here are my very first impressions as well, after the first day:

The bike seems to deliver on most of the key aspects we based our purchase upon: A lot (!) quieter than our previous setup (Elite Direto + 2 bikes), less space occupied, less hassle to switch from me to my SO. Especially the lower noise is a game changer in our apartment in a historic building - less worry about finally pushing our neighbours over the edge with some late evening intervals. The tiny fans are noisy and not very effective though, but no surprise here after reading some of your reviews. Very minor thigh rub for me, but still hoping this could be fixed by adjusting saddle positioning (or losing weight… :roll_eyes:).

There was some weirdness with the firmware at first. Our unit came with (IIRC) 0.0.36 installed. Tacx utility showed no update available. Halfway through my first workout I decided to check again, because ERG mode was so horrid I was fully expecting our Bike to be DOA. For some reason, there was an update available then to 0.0.39 which vastly improved ERG mode for me. It’s about the same quality as the Direto now.

Road feel etc. is good without app conection, flywheel and gear changes feel very nice. But Tacx seems to clearly push this towards Zwift. In TR ERG mode, most of these features are inconsequential. Maybe there is hope TR will add functionality to use the Bike in Standard Mode some time in the future? Only ERG and Resistance are available right now, gear changes are doing nothing for me. (See Big vs. Small Chainring discussion )

Overall I’m happy with the bike so far, but obviously there still is room for improvement. Those people having the patience to wait for Gen 2 are in for a treat, I guess :wink:

This was Carson on the Tacx bike. Before the firmware update, the bike didnt even manage to go anywhere near the recovery power and was flucuating wildly during the intervals. Very much improved to acceptable levels afterwards (The drop/spike after the 4th interval was me stopping to adjust the position, nothing to do with the bike)


I put in a request with TR to be able to grab the Ant+ power meter signal rather than always pairing it as a smart bike.

That’s probably the simplest solution, since I would love to use the gear shifting instead of Erg.

Low priority for them though obviously since there aren’t very many of us with this bike.


Also, as a further update on my end, I’m committed to keeping the Tacx Bike at this point, even despite any problems that may arise.

I’ve been doing really long 4+ hour inside rides on the bike and its so much more enjoyable of an experience compared to my road bike. Not really sure why tbh, perhaps its the smoothness, or the stable platform.

My SO is also loving it. Money well spent for us.


Interesting thing that I noticed…I paired a Wahoo headunit prior to updating to firmware .39 and didn’t see L/R power. I figured it was coming in a future update.

However, I removed and repaired the bike to my Elemnt for an unrelated reason over Ant+ and it turns out that L/R power is now showing up correctly!

Pleasant surprise today!

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One more NEO Bike Owner here - for two weeks. Really satisfied so far and the Bike has replaced my trusted and rusty Kickr (1st gen) which has served me well the last years and has reached its deserved retirement.

Best features - compared to my Kickr: This thing is quiet! Includes Cadence Signal (recorded by TR). Good „Road-Feel“. Adjustability.
Best gimmick: the colored light :sunglasses:
Areas of improvement: Being able to shift (virtual) gears (see: Big vs Small Chainring - Same Power (ERG Mode Gearing) ). Where can i vote on this feature? :wink:
Areas which probably cannot improve: The buttons on the handlebar shifters. Those on my Outdoor-Bikes are so much better. Regularly mix/miss the two buttons. Don’t know if i’m able to adapt.
Still undecided on the Cockpit. Though it’s nice to have one. The Display is good, the Storage Area is a bit to small for my needs, Fans are fine to focus on specific spots.

And now on to many virtual miles and real watts…


Thankfully I missed this post a few weeks back… @mcneese.chad nailed it.

I’ve been busy. I’ve also been to Tacx HQ (on my $ and my time) to discuss the bike among other things.

@schiegl ERG gearing (or more accurately “ERG Inertia Selection”) was discussed with Tacx. As was the levers/buttons, adjustment handle length, seat post/collar width, and a few other things.


Still like this thing, but some more notes after several additional rides:

I was able to fix the thigh rub after some experimentation with the saddle position, so yay for that :smiley:

There is some low frequency resonance happening at unpredictable times. If I’m not mistaken it can also be heard on ray’s video he posted above, around 12-13 seconds in. No deal braker, but something that can be heard through our (apparently paper-thin) walls. Also, unlike it seems in DCRs video, this is not limited to certain lower cadences but also appears seemingly at random around 90 rpm. A couple of seconds up to a minute later the sound is gone again.

I really hope some improvements for ERG mode are being worked on if this is something that can be improved via software at all. Right now it’s borderline unacceptable for me. Steady state work is somewhat OK, intervals less so. This seems to be similar to what folks have been experiencing with the 2T, given they’re basically the same trainer. Sadly, I was unable to find out whether that was improved by fw updates?

Also, there seems to be a wattage floor in ERG mode. Less of an issue for me, even though I noticed it in workouts with low recovery valleys. My wife also did a couple of Sim rides without issue. But imagine her surprise today when she tried the TR Ramp test and the bike would not go below ~110W@90RPM. The warmup was supposed to start at 57…
Amazingly, she was able to stick with it and even reach an improved FTP compared to last winter.
But still, this will be an issue for her. I’m not sure, but may this have something to do with the missing gearing (or “ERG Intertia Selection”)? This would mirror a traditional Trainer in “impossible” gearing combinations, like doing 100 W sprints in a 52-11.
Is this something you guys or your SO’s (unless they all have 300+ FTPs) have experienced?

This is her test, btw:


Yes, my SO encountered this.

The ERG is less bad than at first for steady-state work, after updating to the .39 firmware (which sometimes doesn’t get recognized properly when you try to update), but it definitely still needs a fix. I believe Tacx is still working on it.

Here is my Lazy Mountain graph:

Still though, I would love to be able to use the gear shifting in TR. Right now, I don’t have an option to do non-ERG intervals (which is my preference) in TR on the Neo Bike. I have to just run the bike by itself and capture power data via an Elemnt, or I’ll use Zwift purely for the undulating road simulation.


So would you buy it now? Am I right that ERG mode on TR doesn’t work reliably and you can’t use non ERG? Not especially compelling…