Tacx Neo 2T vs Wahoo Kickr V5 recommendations based on vibrations

Do you have a Preference for ride feel? Do you feel that one of the trainers, the wahoo kickr or Tacx Neo 2, has a smoother ride feel?

Kickr should feel smoother. It has a real flywheel. The Neo 2T has the lightest feel (it’s virtual as well). At a slow cadence, such as just starting up, you can feel the magnetic pulses.

I had a Kickr V1, V4, and currently use the Saris H3 and Neo 2T. The V5 isn’t going to be very different from the V4 in terms of. feel.

My 2T has been pretty solid. I do run 3 fans though, to cool me.


It probably comes down to personal preference since “feel” is subjective. I really like the 2020 KICKR, and that includes the feel. My wife prefers the NEO 2.

If it were myself, judging between the two of them with experience, I would purchase the 2020 KICKR over the NEO. FWIW.

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Year ago I replaced NEO 2T with KICKRv4. The reason was disc brake compatibility and crazy rear spacing with spacer. Subjectively for me KICKR is quieter and smoother. But it’s very personal of course.

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I’ve had 2 x Neo 2T burn out failures now.

First one after 4 months that was replaced under warranty.
Second one after another 3 months. I have to wait until some time in February for the next replacement to ship due to lack of stock which is far from ideal.

I’m currently wishing I’d gone with the KICKR

That’s why I go for Wahoo products generally (including the Kickr over other trainers). In my personal experience Wahoo give fantastic support and repair/replace service, even beyond the strict terms of warranty on a couple of occasions.

My first Neo (1. Gen 2016) also had overheating problem (red light of death). Wonder if and why this is still a problem…(@GPLama or @dcrainmaker any more insights?)…If a fan inside gets stuck there should be an option to fix by oneself. Or is there always damaged/burnt parts inside?
Otherwise pretty happy with Neo!