Tacx Neo 2T smart starting interval 2 seconds before

A great example of why the 1-second advance on power demand, from DCRainmaker’s Elite Suito review, just published; see how the actual load (yellow line) matches the theoretical demand (the big blue block), as a result of the demand (green line) being 1-second early?

Ah, so this is not trainer-specific. I (incorrectly) thought it was. Given that the response time of trainers is different, IMHO it is time to re-evaluate whether to make the “early fire” time interval trainer-specific.

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I’ve have this problem on the Tacx Vortex which surprisingly changes resistance pretty quickly too. I do what others do and learn to start increasing the power a second or two before the interval starts. Its fine, I mean I work around the ‘feature’, but it takes the shine of other features, like the beeps to count you in, and the interval power measurements.

It’s probably not great for the trainer nor particularly comfortable to make sudden power jumps. I can’t imagine that slamming from 100something to 400something or more Watts would be a particularly pleasant feeling. As an engineer I would guess that in addition to their being a latency a ramp to the power change has also been incorporated. If it’s a 2sec shift on both ends it’s only going to skew the analysis a bit. If you’re still hitting the power requirement and cadence for the prescribed amount of time does it matter?

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I find it irritating. Coming from another smart trainer where the change in effort was coincident with the audio and clock countdown, it makes no sense to train yourself to ignore them Because of a bug. We are paying for this functionality and TR should address it. I have no idea about the mathematical modelling to determine the rate of application, but it makes no sense to apply it two seconds before your own software’s countdown. The audio/clock is currently telling me the effort started two seconds ago, shoddy frankly.