Tacx Flux S calibration issue

I am having an issue with my new Flux S. I have been riding a Wahoo Kickr for 3 yrs. The calibration of the Flux is much different and I think wrong. Much higher resistance on level ground. It’s also relatively unresponsive on the downhill grades. Garmin support has be great about trying to help but it no real solution. Side by side the Kickr is far better, more accurate.

… in Zwift or another simulation?

What about the Flux are you dealing with in the context of TR software and workouts?

I have used both Zwift and the Garmin app. No difference.

So are you have a specific problem with the TrainerRoad app?

I’m just not understanding what part of this is related to TrainerRoad software specifically (per your Category selection of the topic).

If you’re talking about calibration and performance of the Flux within TR and its workouts, have you emailed them for tech support?