Switching to endurance + mountain training after HIM speciality - 12 weeks only

I will be finishing my HIM specialty training next week (Galveston) and will go to a climbing camp end of June (roughly 12 weeks later).
I see specialty phase for climbing is a 8 weeks program but I was wondering if I should go straight into specialty or do base again?

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If you are finishing a full Base, Build & Specialty round, it’s recommended to take a week or two of easier and likely unstructured riding. That allows a short reset for your body and mind.

Then, the common “Rebuild” consists of a Build and Specialty phase. That’s because you already have a considerable base from the full process above.

In your case, you could do half of a Sustained Power Build (4 weeks) and then do 4-6 weeks of Specialty (while stealing one or both of the final weeks to give you a taper).


Thank you @mcneese.chad, it’s always good to have expert views.

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