Switching from mid to low volume in a build block

As part of my work (surgery resident), I often switch between less and more busy work months. On the less busy rotations I can usually fit in the mid volume plan, but on the harder rotations I can only maybe fit in low volume. The way my TR calendar is set up, I’ll be in the middle of a build plan when I switch from an easier to harder month. This lines up perfectly with the rest week (end of the month) and ramp test.

I’m wondering if it would be reasonable to do the first half of the build phase as mid volume and the second half, starting after the recovery week, as low volume? That way I can at least get the benefits of mid volume for the first month. If so, is there an easy way to add this to the calendar. I was just thinking of adding both plans and deleting low volume from the first month, and mid volume from the second month. Seems easier than adding individual workouts. Thanks!

This is certainly reasonable, although you’ll be sacrificing a little bit of the gains you would have seen with sticking out the mid-volume plan. That’s alright though, prioritizing life over cycling is certainly a good thing and you can schedule your training accordingly.

I agree, I would add both plans to your calendar, then delete weeks and use the push/pull tool to move the weeks around. This transition will be much easier and less complex than an increase in volume midway through a plan.