Switching disciplines

Hi there, I just got the bad news that our beloved Cross season is cancelled. I am currently in a build phase for Cross on TR. If I want to switch my training to be more a Zwift road race/XCO outside go fast what is your advice so I keep all the best of what I have done? Can I swap out one discipline for another or do I have to start a new build?

Cross and Zwift/XCO are so close to eachother and have a shit load of cross over in terms of demands and energy systems that I don’t think you would have to change to a new build. You may want to change your specialty plan if you were going to run through that though.

But both are all about high power, repeatability, and recovering while working (or descending).

Thanks MW yes they are quite similar especially in the going out hard from the gun. I might adjust my specialty plan to add some XCO MTB work to spruce it up.

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