Sweetspot and hunger

Now I’m fully back in the Base phase of training I’ve noticed the day after a sweetspot session I’m so so hungry! I seem unable to satisfy my appetite. I’m eating all the right stuff and following The Endurance Diet philosophy. Has anybody else noticed this?

I have made few changes in my nutrition strategy:

  1. Fuel all workouts one way or another
  2. Stop counting calories/macros, follow the “Endurance Diet”

Feeling so much better, and managed to break through weight plateau. My gut thanks me.

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I would just add: I am doing a few more weeks of traditional base (60-70IF) before SS period. First TB workouts were leaving me quite hungry and generally not able to fully concentrate on work. By now I am feeling myself quite adapted and fresh after 2 hours in the saddle.

Perhaps you could add one longer low-intensity workout once every 1-2 weeks to help with fat adaptation.

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