Sweet spot or endurance, week of a gran fondo?

Hi all,

I’m going to be stuck in a conference for the remainder of the week and have a gran fondo this Saturday. I’m just past the middle of the short-power build plan and don’t want to wear myself out before the gran fondo, but I also don’t want my fitness to drop with the next three days of sitting in a chair. What workout should I do today, a 2 hour endurance session or a 1 hour SST session?


You won’t loose anything in three days, in fact three days off sit in a chair might even help as you’ll be nice and fresh. Even better would be if you could lie down during the conference (or elevate your feet.)
I’d go SST or whatever is in your plan.

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I take it that you haven’t put the event into your calendar before selecting and beginning your plan, is that right? Is this an “A” event for you, or are you asking solely relative to inserting the Fondo into your training plan to maximum end-of-plan effect?
3 days of (nearly) sitting in a chair won’t wear you out, and will probably leave you a decent training stress balance for Saturday. After Saturday you might revisit your plan, or if you don’t have another goal event coming up you might just keep on with your plan as it is already and see how the event effects you over the course of the following week.

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Thanks for the comment. I signed up for it on a whim, my buddy brought it up and we decided to do it.