Swapping longer SS rides during base

I’ve down some searching but can’t see anything non this.

What are people’s views on swapping out the 2 hour sweet spot rides in SSB2 for more of an hour to an hour and a half of threshold. E.G. swap today’s Hunter for Carpathian Peak +2. I seem to remember this was discussed on the podcasts but can’t remember the discussion. Just finding time and motivation for 2 hours on the trainer feels a bit much

Depends on your goals and where you are in your plan. Why not do something like Farquhar and dial down the intensity 5%? Keeps roughly the same intensity, but cuts out the rest intervals.

Well given the motivational choice I would much rather do Hunter then ANY o/u let alone any of the + versions of Carpathian peak…also the adaptions are different - you will find the under sections of the o/u workout hard (clearing waste products) without a good base - that is what the 2 hour SS sessions are for ….even then 3-4 hours outside is better still.