Sunday ride question for mid volume plan

I’m doing the climbing rr mid volume (not training for any events) and am wondering about Sunday ride selection. If I did not want to do the sweet spot ride and chads suggestions in the notes are too high for endurance rides (stretch), what is a good way to pick a Sunday endurance ride that would be beneficial to the overall plan or maybe pick an easier sweet spot workout?

I would just pick a “Productive” endurance ride for as long as you’re willing or able to do. Productive should give you a decent training stimulus but without accumulating enough fatigue to affect your harder days. If time and progression levels start limiting your endurance progression then move up to Tempo workouts. E.g. If you’re limited to 2 hours of riding then I think the Endurance workouts of that duration top out at about PL 6. So move up to Tempo progression instead.

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