Summer Off Training Plan?

One of the main benefits of being a public school teacher is that I have my summers off. I generally don’t work over the summer and with my kids being old enough to do their own thing I find myself with more free time to devote to riding, training, rest, and recovery.

My question is this. I’m targeting cyclocross season in the fall. I’ve got June-August off. I’ve been doing LV training for about a year now. LV has worked well during the working year but I think I can increase my volume a bit during the summer. Would I be best served by sticking with LV and just adding in more rides during the week or would it be more beneficial to go ahead and switch over to a MV program for those three months?

I’m currently at an FTP of 220 with a w/kg of 3.6 with a goal of (someday) breaking the 4w/kg barrier.



If I had that much free time I’d do one intensity session a week and just get out and do some long rides the rest of the time. If you wanted to be like the cool kids, you could even make them Zone 2 rides……

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If you have the time go for MV

I would say stick with the LV structured training, and add in time outside to slowly build up your overall volume. Plus use the outside rides to practice cyclocross skills.