Suggestion to fill 8 weeks before a Gen Build?

Hi all,

Long story short, due to work and family commitments, my cycling in the past 2-2.5 years has been reduced. I’ve still been able to ride, but not at the level I have wanted to and have not done much, if any structured training. It’s basically been “ride my bike”. However, things have chilled out, I have more time and motivation and I have decided to set some cycling goals for next season.

Background: Male, just turned 45 a few days ago, not a racer, more like “a trying to be fast enthusiast”. I do ride with some masters racer types (and some young bucks as well) on my local group rides and can hang for the most part. Basically, I do local spirited group rides and a few organized Fondos and “not-a-race” (we know how that goes :wink:) organized rides every year. I’m looking to set some PBs since I just got on the wrong side of my 40s this weekend… LOL

Looking for a suggestion on how to fill 8 weeks between SS Base training and a Gen Build block that I’ve got scheduled to end just before my first even of the season: a 100km “C” event that I use as a start of season tune up. It’s in the early spring.

I’m currently in week 5 of the Sweet Spot Base 1 plan, and will begin SS2 right afterwards. I’m basically trying to build a good base and get back to my fighting weight/raise my FTP since I had a not so great summer season for training (just too busy etc as mentioned above.)

Anyway, I have the Gen Build 1 planned to lead up to this first event in the early spring since it’s a 100k ride, with half of it on the flats and the other half on some short rollers (3-5min climbs). After this event I plan on focusing my training on my next events and will choose plans suited to them. I’m really digging that we can now do TR workouts outside. I have some good training grounds nearby suited to uninterrupted intervals so that’s awesome.

My question is:

After the end of my SS2 block, I have 8 weeks to fill until the Gen Build 1 starts. Would it be reasonable to run an 8 week HIT Maintenance block?

Any other suggestions/input?

Much appreciated.



This resource has some good suggestions: