Suggestion: Next interval announcement/indication

During a workout, it would be nice if there was some kind of announcement/indication about the next interval. Target and duration. Because some workouts have many, yet distinct from each other, intervals. So, with an indication the rider could think and choose beforehand what gear and/or cadence to use. This would be very useful specially on micro intervals. Where usually you don’t have much time to wait for the watt average to stabilize to check the wattage.


It’s there already:
In the app settings there is interval sounds option (beep some seconds before each interval change).
During the workout you can swipe the graph and switch to interval view.
TR support might help out on further questions (platform/app version).


Yes, I am nearly certain it is already present in the mobile app (Apple / Android).

I have not seen it for the Win/Mac, but I may need to use the side graph view swap similar to the mobile version.

Coach Chad sometimes gives you a notification/ announcement via text before the interval chimes too.

That sound is about the return of workout instructions after a longer time of no instructions being shown.

The OP in interested in learning specifically what power and duration is on tap for an upcoming interval. That is not typically addressed in the workout instructions. They do sometimes talk about them, but they are often vague and not consistent in their delivery.

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Ahh right sorry I mis read, I am about to go to bed, I guess I should have went earlier. I was thinking of an the text announcement like "in a bit we do it all again " or whatever he says.

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LOL, no sweat. I’ve made more than my share of mis-reads from lack of sleep, mid-workout brain fade, and just being human :stuck_out_tongue:

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On the mobile app you can swipe left on the bottom part of the screen and see the duration and power for past, current and next 2 upcoming intervals. I took a quick screenshot to show what it looks like.


That would be a nice feature to have. I also thought about it as soon as I started using the app.

Also having Coach Chad actually reading the script himself would be much nicer because during workout I usually do not pay attention to the app screen and often miss most of the text. Even more so it would be nice to have a choice who will read the notifications. Maybe some people would like to listen to Amber’s voice or Jonathan’s. Furthermore - for international audience this information could be in their own language read by some popular cyclists.

I can’t search right now, but there voice over options that can function with audio readers.

Ivy posted about it a couple of days ago, if someone else can share it or help with a search.

You nailed it! Exactly this.

This! However i would prefer to have the info displayed without me touching the phone with my sweaty hands. (and having the risk of having the phone falling from the stand too!)
Just a simple line with target and duration.

Second this, I tried on the android mobile app and was able to scroll, but when I accidentally got near the yellow line it moved, when I released the press then the workout moved to that point, running the interval I had been on (thankfully I was just playing, not doing a workout properly, I wouldn’t dare to do it in a live workout}. On the ipad app I couldn’t even get the scroll function to work.

What I’d love to see is another page you could scroll to (as well as the current interval, overall average page) without risking moving the yellow mark, that just lists the intervals, one per line, like Zwift does by default, and is scrollable

The thing is, there’s limited screen space: you just can’t have everything on there at once, especially on a mobile phone.

I use an iPad (my wife’s) for workouts, it’s just a case of a quick flick, not a scroll, and you get the info on the upcoming intervals, another flick and you get data such as average power, average cadence, normalised power, etc. about the current interval.

Edit: just checked this - the app updated so I’ve the very latest version and the above does work.

Self correction, on the ipad I can only scroll the workout when paused, despite a lot of exploratory dragging, and the workout continues from wherever I leave the line, not ideal. When it’s running I can’t browse at all, but I can hit the little arrow on the right to move the page from graph to summary metrics, being able to hit that twice to get to a workout summary would be great.

Garmin figured out how to do it on the even more limited screen of a 530…

Workout Next Interval Preview

Max effort sprint with 5 seconds left and I’m limping along at 3W :joy: looking forward to that 1 minute rest interval at 132+ W

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Just a simple tooltip would be nice.

Did Ebbetts today. Each big interval had different 5 seconds sprints. Pain the ass to sprint blindly. With a tooltip, ghosttip or whatever, giving time to think ahead about what gear and cadence to use would be great.

Ritter should be even more complicated.

On the mobil app you can see the power and duration of the last, current, and next 2 upcoming intervals by swiping left on the bottom half of the screen (where the graph of the entire workout is)