Suggested workout after FTP Detection

I just clicked through the AI FTP detection. It seems reasonable (+2.2%). Tomorrow I start high volume Century. Today is my rest day. I asked for the suggested workout and it gave me Goddard -4. This workout doesn’t fit the weekly rhythm of other weeks, other Tuesdays in the plan. It almost seems that the AI suggestion is based on the Ramp test IF and TSS. Could this be a slight bug?
My gut feeling is I should do the week 2 Tuesday workout since the suggested seems strange.

  • They have stated that this workout is “hard coded” for replacement of the ramp test right now. Everyone gets the same one.

  • They are working on a unique offering that will be more specific to each user and their plan at that time, but we are not there yet. Remember that this is still “Early Access” which means it is not a finished and fully polished product at this time.

  • Also, depending on when you accept the Goddard workout, some people have also received a different workout from AT that replaced it. So there are some potential differences in experiences at this time, again from the early access.

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Thanks for the speedy response. It’s helpful to know it is simply hard coded at this moment. This frees me up to replace it with an appropriate workout as per the plan and my progression level. AT adapted other workouts but it did not affect this one for some reason.

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