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My brother in law is thinking of getting a road bike. He’s 6’5" and not having ridden a road bike in a while has no idea of a starting point to determine correct frame size/geometry and so on.
Anyone on here had any good experiences and can recommend either a decent bike shop that can steer him in the right direction or a decent bike fitter who could come up with some starting measurements.
I know its not that easy but trying to help him find that starting point.

Thanks for any help anyone can give…

Pedal Revolution in Norwich do a fit service I believe. I can’t vouch for it personally. I think they have a shop in Suffolk, but unsure if they do fitting.

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I have had a couple of fits from PhysioFix in Stowmarket - Rob is a physio first and was a physio on a world tour team. Potentially a good shout if your brother is weary of injuries!

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Thanks for the suggestions so far… :blush:

I use Matt Jackson at the FootLab just south of Norwich, sorted my knee problems, and loves talking about bikes, found the service friendly and happy to explain everything, suprised me the first time I went as so much time is spent looking at you before you go anywhere near the bike

Vires Velo (Factor’s UK partner) have just launched a newish bike fit service. They’re based in Hethel, Norfolk.

Bike Fitting | Vires Velo

No idea if it’s any good as I’ve not used it, but Ed Laverick has just done a video on YouTube and seems to rate it. My experience with Factor Bikes would suggest that they’ll be brilliant as their service has been flawless.


Thanks for the suggestions chaps -much appreciated.

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