Substituting a race for a training session

I am pulling back from a medium volume plan to a low for the moment as training hasn’t been consistent with outside issues getting in the way and hoping to nail those three sessions.

So I have a Vo2 max session, an over unders session and a threshold session in my low volume sustained build plan. I do a regular Tuesday club 10 mile time trial which falls on the Vo2 max day. Which of these three sessions would you substitute with the race?

It’s a tricky one, because a 10 mile TT isn’t necessarily the best training session. It’s basically 20-25 minutes (if flat) at 105%, which means you go into the red until you can’t do any more and then you stop. A good interval session should keep you repeatedly going just into the red (or into the “dark orange” as I like to call it) so you actually accumulate more minutes at high intensity.

I feel like with low volume, the vo2 and over-unders sessions are too important to ditch for a race that has a limited training benefit. Could you possibly tack on some extra miles or a couple of tempo intervals after the TT, on the way home perhaps? Or just do the course again at sweetspot after everyone’s finished? That way it would nicely replace the usual Saturday session.

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I view it as an over-under session without many unders. :wink: If you’re low volume, these are probably 1 hour sessions, so you are probably not doing more than 30 minutes of intervals anyway.

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how are you doing vo2max for 10 miles? are you actually taking breaks and cutting it into feasbile vo2max sessions?

a race is going to be much harder than any interval session, but really good training.

have you considered:

Tues TT
Wed Interval (threshold or over under)
Th strict Endurance
Sa Openers
Sun Race

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Substitute the threshold session and do some extra on your race night. So if you’re doing a 10 mile TT, that’ll be about 20-25 minutes I’m guessing? Finish the race, recover then do another 20-30 minute threshold interval. Have more time, extend a bit.

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Thank you.

I intention was to do as a few of you suggested and substitute the threshold session but add to the time trial to extend the duration. I feel like that’s a good solution.

I agree that a 10 mile TT isn’t the best training session, when compared to a structured session, but I don’t always understand the science behind why the shorter threshold efforts with clearing recoveries in between efforts on the Saturday session, would bring about about a better training response.