Struggling with reduced volume at high progression levels

I’ve been training for a few years with various indoor training apps. The last 3 months I’ve been loving Trainerroad for the progression levels and very specific workouts designed for that progression (ex. similar power, reduced recovery, slightly longer interval, etc), rather than much more macro progressions I’ve found elsewhere that leave me feeling either too easy or two hard.
I had a lot of time off work and responsibilities for the last 2 months so I started the SSB High Vol plan (I’m no stranger to 12-18hour weeks). With all that time I was recovering well and loving it. My progression levels in SS were getting up to the high-8s, low 9s when I got busy again and had to reschedule my riding time. I went down to a mid-volume plan for the last 6 weeks of base with 1 hour rides mid-week and 1.5hr-2hr on the weekends. However, what I’ve found is that the matched progression levels for 1.5-2 hour rides give me much more manageable workouts, more recovery with the higher intensities… But the 1 hour SS workouts at 8.5-9 progression have put my RPE through the roof. ex. Redondo 10min 95% with 2 intermediate sprints and 30sec recovery between intervals. I’ve failed 1 workout and the others have been so rough I find myself opting for a more reasonable “achievable” workout instead.

I have started pushing into my Threshold progression to compensate for the lost time and intensity to still provide some good training stress but my 1hr Sweet Spot workouts feel like death.

Will this adjustment to “achievable” SS but still progressing threshold significantly stall my progress?