Structured Training with Other Activities (Negatively Impacting Training?)

Hey there -

I am relatively new to structured training. I’ve logged a lot of hours on my bikes outdoors in past years (road, mountain, gravel), however I took the last 6+ months off (not intentionally) because I recently started law school and moved states, so my time/attention shifted toward those priorities.

I used TR for the first time about a year ago for few months right after I moved, then stopped and started doing Orangetheory and spin to maintain fitness while I took a break from structured training and cycling in general.

I am now a spin instructor and continue to do Orangetheory, but I want to start structured training again.

I am not sure if I want to train for duathlons or road races and gravel, or both (if possible). If duathlons are in there somewhere, I think Orangetheory would be good cross training for running and strength. Also, my side hustle as a spin instructor isn’t going anywhere - I plan on keeping that up.

So here’s my ultimate question: should I continue to do Orangetheory, should I cut back, is it good cross training, how should I manage my time teaching spin with structured training? My biggest fear is overworking myself, especially with my full-time gig as a law student, soon to be lawyer. Any helpful comments are appreciated.

P.S. I live in the Pacific Northwest where weather is not always favorable for outdoor riding.