Structured training for a complete bike beginner? Competitor in another discipline

I am using TR to improve my cardio conditioning for boxing. Running is what I am supposed to be doing but I can’t as old knee injuries tend to flare up.

I found my way on a bike, I don’t wanna get dropped on group rides and interested in building a base to do triathlon in the future when my injuries are sorted. So I found TR via podcast.

I’m currently 3 weeks in on TR and questioning whether I’m wasting my time as the only time I have to train on the bike is immediately after boxing or an hr or so after boxing and meal.

I got a favero PM and a mag trainer. My ftp result was 139 (I did the test after boxing). I’m seeing beginner ftp numbers on here over 200 and I’m feeling demoralised like im wasting my time as I’m not giving TR my all. I’m 5’11 85kg, can squat 100kg for 5sets of 5, in ~ok cardiovascular shape for my sport.

-I’m on low volume TR currently on sweet spot. 3 sessions a week 3.5hrs total… I find my self crunched for time often and have been doing shorter workouts as low as 2.5hrs a week. -Boxing is 4 to 6x a week, hard sessions.
-Lift wieghts 2-3x a week

I’m a full time shift worker as well. Currently training for boxing competition so this training volume is a must for the next 6 weeks or so.

Should I stick with the program or will my needs be met just fine riding outside without structured training as a beginner?

Taking into account my total training volume… I’m I wasting my time on TR if I cut down my saddle time to 2.5hrs on a busy week (due to busy work/training schedule) instead of the prescribed 3.5hrs on the low volume plan ? I am trying my best to adhere to the program but there will be days when i’ll have to do 50-75% of the prescribed workout.



That’s a lot of stress. If cycling isn’t your top priority right now, I’d do what hdas has already suggested and stick to doing Zone 2 rides outside. You’ll build a bit of a base without impacting your boxing, you’ll get a mental break from hard training, and then if you cut down the boxing in future you can introduce intensity into your cycling training.