Strength maintenance - it is getting me sore!

I am fortunate enough to have access to weights, but they are lightweight. I only have a 20 kg (44LBS) barbell and my bodyweight is 68 kgs. I am aiming for level 2 (all rounder) benchmark according to the strength training calculator, and it said that I need to do 5 backsquats at 51kgs. The thing is I do not have a 51kg barbell so I used a repmax calculator to calculate 5 reps @ 51kg equivalency for 20kgs. To achieve 5 reps @ 51kg equivalency, I need to do 55 reps at 20kg. The problem is when I do that many reps, my legs get sore. How do I deal with it? Do I need to strength train twice per week to prevent that soreness? I only strength train once per week as I had done strength training before starting my training plan.

Regarding soreness, stick up a video of your form - I updated a form thread last week, you could add it there. Where’s the pain? Did you build up to 55 reps or jump straight in there?

Otherwise 55 reps isnt so bad. I do 5x5 which is 25 reps but at much heavier weights. You could find something heavy to put on your barbell - I used car tyres and wheels in Lockdown 1.

You might use shopping bags and water bottles.

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1RM equivalent calculations get more and more unreliable the further away you get from 1 rep. If I recall correctly, they start becoming fairly inaccurate around the 8 rep mark … wherever you draw the line, 55 reps is so far beyond it it’s unusable as a calculation. Apples to oranges really.

As a suggestion, maybe use the dumbbell for a single leg variant like bulgarian split squats. Takes a bit more coordination and core stability, but it’s not like those are bad things to work on.


I wouldn’t do 55 of any strength exercise. Probably better off just doing some sprints on the bike. I think you need to look for something heavier to get those reps down to appropriate strength building numbers.


Have been strength training for only about 3 weeks so I am not sure where my strength is. The soreness was gone next day, but I feel like I need to strength train two days per week to prevent getting sore. I am not sure if I can reduce it to 1x per week during the build and specialty phase. I am currently in SSB LV 1

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Are you doing 55reps total or 55reps in one set? If one set then I wouldn’t do that. I would probably do a harder exercise as opposed to more reps. Maybe a lunge, split squat, step up, etc.

Do single leg squats. This effectively more than doubles the weight.

So I would build up gradually whatever youre doing and avoid soreness altogether.

2-3 times per week at this time of year, gradually increasing reps or weight.

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I am doing 10 reps followed by 3 minutes rest (and repeating)

Okay. Yeah in that case I would probably either find creative ways to increase the weight a bit and/or do more difficult exercises. You could some front squats, overhead squats, lunges with the bar overhead, RDLs, good mornings. Basically try to (safely) put your self at a mechanical disadvantage so that bar is putting as much force on you as possible.