Strava / Temperature (deg C)

Just wondering if anyone has degC showing on Strava?

I’ve got my preferences set to deg C on Strava and my Edge, but it keeps displaying deg F on Strava (ride analysis)… it shows degC on Connect…

It show’s degF when i look at others’ ride analysis.

My display preferences are set to degC , i see temperatures in degC when I look at my own and others’ ride analysis. I’m in the UK so degF is only a thing for old people.


It shows as C for me…

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:joy:… good to know that it can show degC… fek knows why it won’t show on mine. I raised a ticket with Strava a few days ago, he asked me to check my Garmin which was on degC… so i’m not sure why my Strava will only show degF… even on others’ rides… but shows as degC on Garmin Connect.

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@Doughnut-Heed … in analysis does yours show degC ? (it looks like you’ve enabled showing weather?)

Where is “Analysis” and ill look.


I have this under Settings>Display…


The apple and android apps looks slightly different, but I’m set for degC.

Also I can’t see temp at all on analysis on the phone app.

Ah “View Analysis” gotcha. No there’s no mention of temp there for me either.

Temp only shows up if your a paid premium Strava subscriber.

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Looks like you’ve got it all sorted now, but just FYI I’ve found those settings to be a bit buggy - they sometimes change themselves on me. I think for some reason Strava really doesn’t like these UK mixed units (miles/celsius), so a few times a year I find that it has somehow spontaneously switched either my distance or my temperature units to achieve ‘consistency.’ It’s never been enough of an issue for me to bother figuring out what triggers it, but I think maybe it’s somehow connected to a fresh login on a new device or from a new wifi network - maybe it’s trying to region-adapt when it thinks I’ve moved?

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Yeah, i’m a Paid subscriber too. But I don’t have weather enabled. The Edge 530 measures temp, but it doesn’t show it on the iphone app, but you can see it on the web based Strava and Garmin Connect.

(it’s not showing the numbers cos i’m using a snipping tool.)

web based version

From Strava

"Thanks for writing in. When the “Units & Measurements” are set to Miles & Pounds, the Analysis of a ride will show as Fahrenheit. When set to Kilograms & Kilometers, the analysis will show Celcius. We are aware of this issue and are working on solving it as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience. If you have any additional questions please let us know.

Strava Support Team"