Strava Segment File

Is there an easy way to export a file with elevation and distance for all your Strava Segments?

It seems that you can only download a GPX file of a route, so that would be a very tedious process for 20-30 segments.

Appreciate any ideas from the forum.

I’m using the Elevate extension for Chrome on Windows and am able to ‘Export GPS segment effort’ when I locate a segment in a ride, under the regular Strava button to Analyze, Set Goal, Compare and Improve your time 2 more orange buttons appear to export the segment effort’ and show extended statistics of effort.

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You’d need to use it once per segment still, but it exports just the segment so no further cropping to do

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Thanks a lot, will try your solution this weekend

So I ended up using Veloviewer, bcs It’s close to what I wanted to do with the segments comparison.

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