Strava and garmin sync

I realize TR says over and over again that run and swim sync and analysis isn’t on the roadmap. However, I find it difficult to believe that they have access to this data set and aren’t actually looking at it. Does anyone know for certain how TR is accessing our strava and garmin connect feeds and what is actually being looked at?

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Would be nice to see selective sync, as in read/write permissions for each platform.

I’d much prefer to sync rides in but not out of TrainerRoad.

Run and Swim sync is very much on our Development Roadmap, however, we have a couple projects on our more immediate to-do list. Specifically, we are working to bring Calendar features and adjustability to the apps, which is a significant Development undertaking.

We are currently focusing soley on the cycling portion of our offering, so we are not looking at running/swimming activities at this time, but as resources free up, we will develop the infrastructure to start bringing your other disciplines into TrainerRoad.