Strategy, Brand, or Marketing Externship/Internship Opportunities?

Hi @Jonathan, @Nate_Pearson, and @trjosh,

My name is Mikey Yablong, and I’m interested if TrainerRoad has any internship/externship opportunities related to strategy, brand, or marketing. I’m an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company and an avid TR athlete (username: mikeyyablong; love the app and the podcasts - 5/5 stars!).

Associate Consultants at Bain are encouraged to do a 4-month externship where they can gain experience and skills outside of consulting as well as help with their personal development to make them a better consultant when they return to Bain after the 4 months. As a passionate cyclist, triathlete, and TR athlete, I’d love to apply my skills as a consultant to help TR grow its brand, improve its functionalities, and reach more athletes.

I would ideally like my externship to occur sometime in the winter months of late 2022 / early 2023, but I am happy to be more flexible if needed. I’m happy to work on location or remotely. Please let me know if there are any opportunities!