Strange Tanita scale readings


I have been using the Tanita InnerScale for many years ( but I seem to be getting some weird reading from it recently.

I weigh in each week. I normally know when I will be up or down from the previous week. I have been getting odd results for months, but this week seems particularly odd, hence this post.

This week - Last week
Weight: 72.8kg - 71.8kg
%Body Fat: 14.9 - 16.0
%Total Body Water: 55.1 - 54.3
Visceral Fat: 7 - 7
Muscle Mass: 58.9 - 57.3
Physique Rating: 5 - 5
Bone Mass: 3.1 - 3.0
Metabolic Age: 24 - 27

It would seems I lost a lot of fat and gained it in muscle. This can’t be right over a week? At least my metabolic age in down :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Is it time for some new scales?

This is just a difference in hydration. If you were dehydrated last week and better hydrated this week, that will explain the difference in muscle mass, and as such, will cause the body fat % to change.