Strange Ramp Test Schedule

I’m following a Plan Builder plan and just started the final specialty phase in which the Ramp Test was scheduled without a recovery week between end of Base 2 phase. Has anyone else seen this? In the week prior to last nights ramp test I had the following scheduled:
Sleeping Beauty +3 - VO2 Max 4.3 - 60 mins
Lazy Mountain +1 - Endurance 1.3 - 60 mins
Smith -2 - Threshold 5.0 - 60 mins
Mary Austin -1 - Threshold 5.2 - 90 mins
McGregor -3 - Sweet Spot 4.1 - 90 mins

I was pleasantly surprised with last nights ramp test with a 5w increase but wonder if with a recovery week the result would have been better or worse. I’ve no experience of performing a ramp test without a recovery week and now questioning how required they are in pure terms of ramp test performance. Still agree recovery weeks are a good idea in general to break up phases.

Slightly OT, IIRC GCN or someone did a video where they did an FTP test (I think the 20mins test) every day for a week or more and they might have got better results towards the end of their testing period rather than at the start when they were fresh and rested.

I remember that, Jeremy Powers did it I think and yes there was some improvement during the week I seem to remember but then that dropped the last couple of days. Pretty sure it was the 20 min test as he was doing it outdoors.

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