Stephen Seiler (StephenSeiler) - his results

That’s what I needed. Was doing that calculation incorrectly. Thank you.

191W (generally) is what I ride at 115bpm (give or take, of course).

You’re welcome. However, before anyone goes too far down this rabbit hole, it’s worth emphasizing that the relationship between %HRR and %VO2max isn’t perfectly 1:1, and can vary between individuals. IOW, don’t lose sight of the ‘~’ in Seiler’s slide.

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old/dead has got it for you!

@tshortt I would say also that steady state max 6min power is generally materially less than 6min power from, say, a ramp test. So that can make the numbers different…but don’t make me advocate for one over the other! I don’t know enough to answer.

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Understood, I just don’t actually know my 6MMP (and am not about to do that for sake of watching a video LOL), so was trying to get a reasonable approximation due to my numbers being wildly wrong. FWIW, I don’t get my MAP from TR ramp test. I use Ric’s protocol for male riders. Your point still applies though, I think.

@old_but_not_dead_yet Noted, and thanks again. Seems like the way Seiler is using it (as score/index within a single ride) means that %HRR not being exactly 1:1 as %VO2max is ok? IOW, he’s just watching it trend upward, and it’s the trend that is important (in this case), even if it’s not accurate. No?

I don’t know how he’s using it, but yeah, if after a period of training you can generally ride at a higher % of HRR, you’re probably riding at a higher % of VO2max.

That’s assuming, though, that the environmental conditions or your adaptation to them haven’t changed. For example, when it turns hot your HR will be higher at the same % of VO2max, but will come down as you get used to it.

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So the 1:1 relationship is better with % VO2max. And Selier is using 6MMP as proxy for MAP / power at VO2max from what I recall.

I’m not familiar with estimating V’O2R from power data.

I have a recent 8-min max effort and plucked the 6MMP off that, added a few watts, and Seiler’s rough estimate is consistent with my data.

It seems the value of %HRR/%6MMP is when comparing a group of athletes? Normalizing results and not requiring lab equipment for VO2max.

I really don’t know what the value is. Seems more like trying to translate power into a language - % of VO2max - more familiar to ex fizz types than anything else. If you’re a native speaker, though, who cares?

Can’t recall but thought this was done as a prerequisite prior to setting up his Internet community participation studies. As someone with a ‘normal’ resting heart rate (lower 60s), the value of that video was getting a buddy to shut up and stop telling me my long easy rides should have a 99bpm HR like Seiler :joy:

Interesting 1996 snapshot of Seiler’s view of programming endurance and interval training: