Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe

I’ve posted quite a bit about 5x5 (I did the StrongLifts variation but it’s essentially the same as starting strength)

Hmm, can’t seem to post a link to search results, but “5x5 @joex” will show me start, struggle and eventually stop 2019-2021.

Long and short, yes you can. Eventually you won’t be able to, and you’ll need to tweak it somehow. Enjoy :+1:

Thanks for all your responses. Essentially I am a 46 year old triathlete wanting to put a proper structured strength program in place in the off season (which I’ve never really done before). Also concious that as I get older strength will be increasingly important.

I started SS a few weeks ago - and started conservatively so it’s not too hard (at the moment!) and am concentrating on form and technique (and finding my way round the gym!!). I’ll see how it goes and moderate accordingly…