Starting over after Covid

Yeah, I know that my coach was VERY clear that I have to be symptom free a few days at least before starting to ride.

During these 4 days without symptoms I was allowed to take a few longer walks outside etc if I wanted to be active :slight_smile:

If you can, might be best to start the comeback on the trainer. Easier to gauge where pulse and body is than outside. Easy to get carried away if you’re only supposed to do 100w etc.

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I have an athlete I’m coaching who I’m really having to rein in on his comeback. He wants to race this coming weekend, 13 days after positive test and about eight days after relief of symptoms.

Interestingly, he was sick the week before, maybe COVID, probably allergies (bad season here in March/April), and took the whole week off. Tried to come back but was too fatigued (COVID) and shut it down for another six days.

I’m easing him back and he’s listening… except about the race coming up. I reserved the right to say, “I told you so.” but ultimately it’s his life and his call. I provided the education and recommendations, and will support him whether it goes really well or really poorly. :slightly_smiling_face:

But guys, it’s just not worth one or two races to derail your whole season (or worse). It’s a cardio respiratory virus and this is an aerobic endurance sport… take it seriously.


ppl do all sorts of things, my brother was consistently running with covid symptoms, he thought was just a little cold.

That little chart was shared by Skiba on twitter. That’s his protocol with serious athletes.


Thanks all for your answers. It’s really helpful for me to read your experience/hints. I’ve finally made the decision to skip the whole week and every race in May and beginning of June. I’m hoping to jump on the trainer next week and get a easy ride done and will listen to my body.

Maybe I’m going to the doctor next week to get a check done. :thinking:

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Another quick update. Two months of training since I was able to get back to it (after four months off) and I’m slowly regaining fitness.

I’d imagine I’d have been able to gain fitness more quickly than I have, but I’ve also been taking off a bunch of unnecessary weight at the same time, so training isn’t quite as calorie supported as it might otherwise be!

Before I got sick in October I’d have said my FTP / KG was ~4.1. Now it’s ~3.6. Sadly both numbers are miles off my peak of 4.9… but there’s the small matter of a shattered acetabulum since then.

Still interested in your thoughts on recovery. There should be a long covid and aftermath topic for those 6? 12? and more months out. After several ‘it’s not your heart’ episodes I am looking at inflammation and gut as causes for bouts of recurring issues. I keep wondering what is a ‘quality pre and/or pro biotic’? Amazon should not be my best source of information and gastro md was neutral on efficacy. I know fermented foods but don’t see myself being consistent with the kimchi thing.

So you’re primarily experiencing heart issues as your long-lasting symptom? I wish there were more answers to it all. I did scan through an article postulating that MCAS might be responsible for some of the heart issues, but that was all postulating. I know for me that long covid has pretty much marked the end of any meaningful exercise and athletic pursuits. I’m over two years post-covid now, so I pretty much consider the illness at this stage to be ME/CFS. I’m not sure how many people here on the forum have persistent symptoms lasting this long. Probably they start dropping off given the nature of the TR product. Getting faster on a bike is pretty much one of the last concerns that one could have when chronic illness has taken over.

2nd time Covider here – After the original and best March 2020 covid, I got it again in April. Very pleased to say that unlike the original infection, where it took me months to recover (even go so far to say that it was only start of this year that I actually fell well), I feel more or less back to normal in less than a month.

catching it again threw me into a mental spiral thinking about the problems I had last time, so it is a great relief for me this time.


Good to hear…both for you and my potential case. Good news is I still feel fine as does the rest of the family. The biggest impact to my cycling has been not being able to sneak out on lunch rides while the kids are home quarantined.

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What is consistently clear is it impacts everyone differently.

I had COVID last week of March, took a full 10 days off on strong advice from a friend that works in pro sports, and a gradual return to light efforts from there. Thought I was doing it right, and outside of HR being +20 figured was on track. Then started getting chest pain, dizziness, and palpitations 4 weeks post infection. Shut it down again completely for 2 more weeks, and post bumper to bumper check with nothing obvious (yet) cautiously retuning to “light exercise” again but seeing indications of progress re expected HR.

Needless to say the 70.3 in June I was planning on unleashing 2 years or no social life on is now a “participation” goal. Figure I’m down 15-20% in fitness at this point.\

Can not stress enough to error on the side of caution here.