Start of Intervals with Power Match and Erg

Hi I’m using a Stack Zero Hacyon with a Stages Left only PM with Power Match. I’ve noticed that the first interval seems to really kick in hard and catch me out and then afterwards they seem to ease in a lot better. Is this just me being a liitle unprepared for the first one or does the software “learn” in some way for the future ones. I’m only asking because I seem to remember a post or something by Nate where he mentions Machine Learning with Power Match. Thanks

It looks like you’re ramping your cadence a little on the later intervals, then settling in. Looks like you’re napping and starting into a death spiral and fighting through it. Just pick your cadence up a little before the first interval and I bet it goes fine.

I’ll make sure I try that next time. Makes the 1st Interval a little hard!

Don’t go crazy… just 5 rpm is enough to let you spin into it and settle in.

@carytb Another trick I recall working in the past, my now permanent trainer bike does not have a PM, is to cover a wider range of cadences during the warm-up to give the power match algorithm more data to work with. And also what @ErickVH suggested.

Thanks I’ll try that as well.