Stagnating progress, switch build plan type?

Been following TR mid-volume plans for several years, listened to most podcasts, etc. I have a pretty fair idea of what’s what.

For last three years, focused on gravel events, I’ve been doing Sustained or General build, and Climbing Road or GF specialty. Time and again I get into Builds, complete most workouts, yet make no FTP gains. I keep hitting the same plateau around 3.6-3.8 W/kg.

  • Sleep is reasonable

  • Recovery feels good

  • Doing some strength work

  • Paying attention to fueling

  • Threshold workouts are usually fine (still hard). V02 kill me and require dropping intensity.

  • 50 years old

Coach @chad often says if you’re not making progress, something needs to change. I’m thinking maybe I switch to Short Power Build? Not because I’m doing short power events right now, but because I maybe need shifted training stimulus to grow. Thoughts?

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I think that makes sense. I did three years on Tri plans and switched to SSB/SusPB last year and saw a gradual but significant improvement. I also started strength, barbell squats, deadlifts, rows etc

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