Stages vs Kickr FTP differences with Adaptive Training

I have an old bike permanently mounted on my Kickr trainer. Most of the time I just use the Kickr power readings for TR sessions. However, for RAMP FTP tests I also put my Stages PM on this bike. Like quite a few people on this forum my Kickr returns a different power reading to my Stages PM. This means that any FTP I calculate from the Kickr is inaccurate for using on outdoor workouts when I use my Stages.

I therefore use the Kickr for the Ramp test and just record the Stages PM readings on my Garmin separately. This then allows me to calculate separate Stages and Kickr FTPs. This has been fine up to now but with the new Adaptive training format it will calculate my outside training load based on my Kickr FTP rather than the stages FTP.

Any ideas around this? Can I edit the outside workout power readings?