Stage 6 of the Tour of Columbia

That’s one of the best bike races I’ve ever seen! There was a little bit of everything in that stage. Wow.

They sure like cycling in Columbia. Holy crap. That race has turned into a real gem.


Agreed, aside from the crowd control. Appreciate it’s early days for the race, with limited resource and enthusiastic fans, but the guy knocking Quintana and Sosa off was too much. Sosa had to spend a lot of energy getting back on, even with Bernal’s help.

I’m impressed with how on form some of the big riders seemed to be for it - hopefully it doesn’t turn in to a bit of a TdU / Porte setup though where the Colombians try to peak too early in the season.

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YouTube highlights here:

If I was the organizer I would be afraid that some pros would stay away from the race fearing for their safety. The crowds were crazy.

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