Stac zero firmware update, TR app communication issue

I updated my STAC zero firmware a few days ago and now trainer road doesn’t seem to communicate quite the same. The trainer and app have worked great together until now.

My Trainerroad workout is loaded and ready. The STAC trainer shows as “Paired” on my trainer road app on my phone. They are talking together, so start up is normal.

So I start pedaling - but the app stubbornly states, ‘start pedalling’, when I’ already doing that. Riding several minutes does nothing, workout won’t start. It still shows as ‘connected’ on the Trainerroad app, but the app won’t notice that I’m already riding (like it used to).

Thanks for suggestions,

I haven’t encountered exactly your issue before with my iPhone and Stac Zero Halycon combination. But when I have had issues, completely shutting down the phone (power off) and restarting it seems to help. Maybe it will help your case?

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Thanks Ryan!

I’d tried several times over a few days so the Halcyon would re-boot , and fully closed the app and re-starting it - but a full shutoff of the phone I hadn’t tried.

That worked!

Ok, intervals are back on the menu… :grimacing:


Glad I could help! Happy training!