STAC Halcyon USB failure

Well crap. Due to careless shuffling around and leaving the cable plugged in, the USB connector on my STAC Halcyon has snapped off, not just pulled off the PCB, snapped off, leaving no way to power it up. Ideas, thoughts and prayers?

Update: It pulled the whole connector off the board, good news (sort of). Tricky part will be trying to get it soldered back on.

Ah shit…
A similar thing happened to mine…
I was able to get a replacement one…

The arm adjuster broke on mine about a year ago…
It is now seating, unloved, on a corner…waiting for maybe one day to be used again :sob:

There’s no support from 4iiii for it, and as much I am an “electrical engineer” I am loath to dive in with a soldering iron myself to try and fix it on the PCB but I think I will reluctantly have to.

Something similar happened to mine, although it doesn’t LOOK broken. It just doesn’t seem to get power from the USB port anymore. Since 4iiii isn’t supporting it, I tried taking it apart to see if I could fix it… and I think I made it worse. Well, theoretically anyway - it didn’t turn on or do anything before I took it apart, and it still doesn’t. You can see my olds posts being pretty favorable to the Halcyon, but I’m pretty soured on it now.

I figure the first place to start is right at where the USB broke off, failing that, 5V at internal battery terminals should do it in theory. Problem is the pitch is so fine and getting at the power traces isn’t a trivial thing to get a clean solder

So my theory of 5V onto the battery was wrong. The unit is powered through a 7V battery and IIRC it runs off of the battery at all times even when plugged in.

Looking at my PCB, the USB connector looks like it was poorly attached to the board. It looks quite possible that there could be cold solder joints which could explain your issue. Could be diagnosed with a multimeter and a steady hand

I’ve got a Halcyon gathering dust in the corner of my boot room. One of the arm actuators are kaput but I am sure the other black box is ok. If you PM me I’ll happily pop it in the post to you provided it doesn’t cost an arm & a leg if you are on the other side of the world . I’m in the UK

That would be awesome. I’m in Canada and would be happy to reimburse postage. I’ll message my address.