SSBLV Group Ride Workout Substitution

Hi, I’m currently doing SSBLV1 and am hoping to get out on a couple of weekend club rides over the next months. Some weeks (like this week) I’ll have enough time to do the two 1 hour sweetspot workouts and the 1.5 hour threshold workout during the week. Other weeks I’ll need to replace one of the workouts with the club ride. When this happens would it make more sense to drop a sweetspot workout & move the threshold one to midweek (as the club ride is likely to be at around endurance pace & so will have more in common with the sweetspot work it replaced) or to just drop the weekend threshold workout (as on one of the podcasts Coach Chad says they added threshold & vo2 max work to the SSBLV plans to ensure they included enough training stimulus for adaptation to occur & the club ride will bulk up my TSS in a similar way)?

Swap out the workout that most closely resembles the club ride.

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